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What is a bicycle flywheel?

The inner thread of the flywheel is screwed to the right end of the rear axle to keep the same plane with the sprocket and connected with the sprocket through the chain to form the driving system of the bicycle. Structurally, it can be divided into two categories: single-stage flywheel and multi-stage flywheel.

Single-stage flywheel, also known as single sprocket flywheel, mainly consists of jacket, flat shield and core, jack, Jack spring, washer, wire shield several steel balls and other parts.

The working principle of the single-stage flywheel is that when the foot pedal is pushed forward, the chain drives the flywheel to rotate forward, then the inner teeth of the flywheel and the jacks contain each other. The power of the flywheel is transmitted to the core through the jacks. The core drives the rear axle and the rear wheel to rotate, and the bicycle goes forward.

When the pedal is stopped, the chain and the jacket do not rotate, but the rear wheel still drives the core and the jack forward under the inertia action. At this time, the inner teeth of the flywheel slide relatively, thus the core is compressed into the slot of the core, and the jack compresses the jack spring. When the jack slides to the top of the inner teeth of the flywheel, the jack spring is compressed the most, slightly forward, and the jack is bounced to the root of the tooth by the jack spring, making a "click" sound. The core rotates faster and the jack slides quickly on the inner teeth of each flywheel, making a "click" sound. When treading the foot backwards, the jacket rotates backwards, which accelerates the slip of the jack and makes the "click" sound more rapid. Multistage flywheel is an important component in the transmission device of bicycle.

Multistage flywheel is based on single-stage flywheel, adding several flywheel blades, combining with sprockets on the middle axle to form various transmission ratios, thus changing the speed of the bicycle.

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